Club Day 2012

The LifeBeam Technology club provides an innovative and educational environment for software and hardware development. We help students gain technology skills through interaction, virtualization, and tutorials. >> See photos from Club Day 2012

Flight Simulator is now ready!

The LifeBeam Flight Simulator is fully functional! LifeBeam President Dominick Lee will be opening the Flight Simulator in the 2013-2014 school year. >> Watch Video of the Flight Simulator >> LifeBeam Flight Simulator on Instructables

Our Product for Alameda County

LifeBeam representatives Dominick Lee and George Eliopoulos created ACPAFI (path finder), a website and Smartphone application for citizens of Alameda County.
ACPAFI website

LifeBeam Weather Balloon, April 2012

LifeBeam President Dominick Lee and three other Club Representatives launched an 8ft diameter weather balloon 10,000ft to the atmosphere on April 2012. This weather balloon carried an onboard-computer, HD camcorders, GPS, and other electronics. >> Watch the Balloon Launch >> Watch the Balloon Footage >> See Photos

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 Upcoming Club Events

LifeBeam usually meets once every week. Here, you can find the latest information about our Club Events and meetings.


What:      Club EXPO
Where:    Autoshop
When:     Lunch (Period 4)
Adviser:  Mr. Burns

End of Year

What:      Club Meeting
Where:    N/A
When:     N/A
Adviser:  N/A


What:      Club Meeting
Where:    N/A
When:     N/A
Adviser:  N/A